XII Zodiac – 3 Star Casual Dinning

XII Zodiac is situated near City Center 2, Kolkata. The restaurant’s theme is on the zodiac signs as suggested by the name. The interior decor and ambiance is very nice. The food is extremely well presented and the staffs are polite and warm.

On settling down you will be asked your Zodiac sign and as you anticipate what will happen based on that, you will be served a welcome tit-bit platter.

The platter is presented in a dramatic way. The taste of the food though is not as appealing as the presentation. The platter had a cheese straw, a piece of pineapple and cheese, a small piece of dahi vada and a small glass of aam-panna.
As we waited for the starters we were presented a card based on our zodiac sign stating a character trait and beyond there was a discount voucher for the next visit. A nice gesture surely.


The starters were served on the table. It started with a round of complimentary drink. We were served with a refreshing glass of  Blue Lagoon. After that followed,

Crispy Baby Corn: Nicely done and crispy.
Fish Batter Fry: Very cheesy and perfectly fried.
Another fried fish dish(can’t recollect the name): The outer portion was more like that of the baby corn, only it had fish inside.
Tandoori Chicken: Soft, tender and spicy.
Tandoori Alu: Well a potato dish is a potato dish…can’t say anything more about that.
Cheese ball: A fried coating on the outside and so cheesy inside.
Rating: The menu lacked variety and option of chicken, mutton and prawn in starters. So based on menu we would rate it a (3/5) but preparation wise we would give a (4.5/5)

Main Course

Quite contradictory to the other restaurants, this place had a variety of Veg options in the main course. There was a variety of salads, fruit salad, chicken salad, sausage salad. Sweet corn soup was there along with add-on (boiled chicken and scrambled egg) separately kept for non-veg option. Apart from that there were Jeera Rice, Fried Rice, Veg Chowmein, Stir-Fried Vegetables, Dal Fry, Palak Paneer, Mixed Veg, Hot Garlic Fish, Marich Chicken. Butter Naan and Mutton Kasa was served at the table.

There was a large array of food but the taste was average. Sweet corn soup with added boiled chicken never tastes like chicken sweet corn soup. Though we would have loved a little more tender mutton but still the butter naan and mutton was well prepared. The mutton gravy tasted really nice and the butter naan complimented it well.

The non-veg lovers might find a lack of options in the main course.
Rating: (2.5/5)


Since we both have a sweet tooth, we take special interest in the dessert section, and honestly speaking we were a bit disappointed. In the dessert section there were two types of fruits (water melon and papaya), halwa, baked mihidana, coconut ladoo and brownie.

The baked mihidana was really nice. The halwa and the coconut ladoo had average taste. The brownie was served in the table. By the way starters were served in the table, we really had our hopes high for the brownie and was hoping that it will be served with ice-cream. But we were really disappointed. Not only was that it wasn’t served with ice-cream but also the brownie itself was a disappointment.
Rating: (3/5)

Food: (3/5)
Staff: (4.5/5)
Ambiance: (4/5)
Price: (3/5)

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