About Us

A very warm welcome and Thank You for stopping by our site.

We, Sukanya and Dhiman were friends driven by similar passion. Finally we decided to tie the nupital knot.

Her(Sukanya): I am an engineer by profession, a photographer by choice. An avid traveler who loves technology and coding to the core. And if I can make out time from the above two, you will either find me cuddling a dog or lost in binge watching sports channels. And yes my unconditional love for food is one of the biggest inspiration for this site (read biggest inspiration of my life).

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Him(Dhiman): I am a code lover and photography enthusiast who is also passionate about traveling. As much as I love discovering new and offbeat places, I also love the challenges of my professional life.

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We have a special love for the Himalayas and also love to discover offbeat places. And our non stop cravings for good food keeps us in search of good food joints. So we decided to start this site to share our experiences and help fellow travelers and foodies as much as we can.